The Kite Runner – Chapters 1 and 2

Please ensure the following questions are complete for Tuesday 29th September.

1.What is the significance of the past for the narrator?

2.What physical feature marks out Hassan?

3.Is it significant that Rahim Khan is mentioned 3 times but Baba only once and even then only after Rahim is mentioned?

4.Compare the opening and closing lines of the chapter.

5.How does the narrator introduce Hassan?

6.Compare the second paragraph on p.5 (bottom of p.4) and the fourth paragraph on p.9 (bottom of p.9).  What do these paragraphs suggest about the relationship each boy has with their father?

7.The boys’ lives run parallel to each other, how are they similar and how different?

8.The themes of childhood and friendship are important in this chapter.  Can you identify another theme the author wants us to notice?

9.What is the effect of only finding out the narrator’s name at the end of this chapter?  What is the significance of the revelation?


Liz Lochhead PowerPoint Presentation

You are going to select ONE of Liz Lochhead’s poems and present it in a PowerPoint to the class, with suitable images and music.

You should upload the presentation to this post by clicking ‘Respond’ at the bottom and uploading your file.


  • Choose a poem – go for the one you like the most/find most interesting.
  • Take notes on the type of images/music you will use to present it.
  • Remember – this presentation should encapsulate the central concerns of the poem, and help US to understand its meaning.
  • You should include both the lines of the poem itself, as well as any notes and annotations you have to analyse the poem.
  • The presentation should be well-made and designed – take this task seriously. If you don’t make an effort, I won’t be pleased.
  • These will be uploaded to the blog to act as revision guides for everyone in the class.

The last two slides of this PowerPoint include examples you can use for inspiration. THEY DO NOT INCLUDE ANALYSIS – YOURS MUST.

Liz Lochhead1

View of Scotland/Love Poem Homework

Okay dears, these questions should be completed by MONDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER. I’ve also posted the 10 mark formula in case you forget. Aren’t I lovely?

View of Scotland/Love Poem

  1. Explain how the title introduces two main concerns of the poem. 2
  2. Look at lines 1—22. By referring to at least two examples, analyse how the poet uses language to create a vivid impression of the mother. 4
  3. Look at lines 4—5. Explain what the poet means by the parenthesis “(This is too ordinary to be nostalgia.)”                                     2
  4. Look at lines 23—32. By referring to at least one example, analyse how these lines convey the idea of a shift in time. 2
  5. By referring to this and at least one other poem, discuss how Lochhead develops the theme of the complexities of love in her poetry. 10

10 Mark Question

This follows a very similar pattern to the 8 mark question from last year.

  • 2 Marks – common theme/similarity/contrast, with an explanation of how this is explored in each poem.
  • 2 marks – quote and analyse the poem in front of you, linking back to the common theme/similarity/contrast.
  • 6 marks – quote and analyse ANOTHER POEM, linking back to the common theme/similarity/contrast x 3.

Make sure you have a note of this somewhere safe.