Liz Lochhead Individual Presentations

These should be emailed to me by Friday 4th October.

  • Choose a poem – go for the one you like the most/find most interesting.
  • You should include both the lines of the poem itself, as well as any notes and annotations you have to analyse the poem.
  • This presentation should encapsulate the central concerns of the poem, and help US to understand its meaning.
  • Take notes on the type of images/music you will use to present it.
  • The presentation should be detailed, insightful, well-made and designed.
  • These will be uploaded to the blog to act as revision guides for everyone in the class.
  • Take this task seriously. If you don’t make an effort, I won’t be pleased.


Here’s the PowerPoint to help:

Liz Lochhead New


Lochhead Example 10 Mark Questions

If you imagine Revelation is the poem in front of you, answer these questions, using the formula:

By referring to this poem and to at least one other poem, discuss how Lochhead uses contrast to explore central concerns.    10

By referring to this poem and to at least one other poem by Lochhead, discuss how she explores the theme of personal and/or social change.   10

By referring to this poem and to at least one other poem, discuss how Lochhead explores important aspects of life through everyday objects and/or situations.   10


10 Mark Question Formula

  • Step 1
    Mention the specific area of commonality and include what poems you will be discussing. (2 marks)
  • Step 2
    Quote from the poem in front of you and link to the question – mention techniques and effect. (1 mark) x 2
  • Step 3
    Quote and/or make specific reference to another poem/s and link to the question – again, mention techniques and their effect. (1 mark) x 6


Jekyll and Hyde Practice Papers

For revision purposes, folks, the practice papers we have completed this year:

Example Paper Jekyll’s Regent Park Transformation

The Story of the Door Example Paper

Example Paper Hyde

Mr Utterson meets Mr Hyde – characterisation 10 marker

Example Paper Jekyll’s Transformation

Setting 10 mark question

Mr Utterson meets Mr Hyde Practice Paper

Dr Jekyll was quite at ease Practice Paper

Jekyll and Hyde Revision Videos

Right folks, everyone will be working on a revision video for Jekyll and Hyde, which are due in on Monday 1st April. I was informed that some of you weren’t exactly working hard in class yesterday – make sure these are completed. I won’t accept any excuses.

The videos should explore the aspect of the novel you have been assigned, and include summaries, key quotations, and in-depth analysis. These should be useful for everyone, as I will post them on the blog for you all to use (they will be password protected, so no one will be able to access them except you).

Reminder of what everyone is doing:

Caitlin: Addiction

Chris: Mr Utterson

Nicole: Narrative

Reece: Hyde

Andrew: Setting

Ethan: Jekyll

Regan: Setting

Jonny: Key quotations and analysis from the novel as a whole

Thomas: Duality of man