The Kite Runner Exemplar Critical Essay

Here’s a pupil essay from a couple of years ago, folks – not done under timed conditions, but really well-written with some very insightful analysis.




Skyfall Critical Essay

For Wednesday 20th December, please have planned for the essay question below:

Describe how Sam Mendes uses a combination of production elements and film techniques to explore the characterisation of Bond in Skyfall.

You will write this on Wednesday during the double period.


The Kite Runner – timed critical essay

In tomorrow’s lesson, you will write a timed critical essay under FULL exam conditions. The essay question will be one of the four you should have planned for today’s lesson, and which I’ve included gain below. Ensure you use tonight to revise these plans and come prepared tomorrow.

  1. Choose a novel or short story in which the method of narration is important.

Outline briefly the writer’s method of narration and explain why you feel this method makes such a major contribution to your understanding of the text as a whole.

2. Choose a novel or short story which deals with the complexities or breakdown of a relationship.

Briefly explain the circumstances surrounding the complexities or breakdown and discuss how the characters’ feelings and/or reactions enhance your appreciation of the text as a whole.

3. Choose a novel or short story which has a satisfying ending.

Discuss to what extent the ending provides a successful conclusion to the text as a whole.

4. Choose a novel or short story in which symbolism is a significant feature.

Discuss how the writer’s use of this feature enhances your understanding of character and/or theme in the text as a whole

The Kite Runner – Presentations

Hi folks,

Here’s some of the PowerPoints/notes from the presentations delivered last month to help with your revision – if you haven’t given me a copy of the PowerPoint, if you used one, please email it over ASAP:IMG_9739IMG_9740IMG_9741IMG_9742IMG_9743IMG_9744IMG_9745IMG_9746IMG_9747IMG_9748IMG_9749IMG_9750IMG_9751IMG_9752IMG_9753IMG_9754IMG_9755IMG_9758IMG_9759IMG_9760

Assef character nicole and fraser

chapters 14 -25 Ewan and Sam

Class Presentation Jack and Kaitlyn

Narration Christie and Andrew D