View of Scotland/Love Poem Homework

Okay dears, these questions should be completed by MONDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER. I’ve also posted the 10 mark formula in case you forget. Aren’t I lovely?

View of Scotland/Love Poem

  1. Explain how the title introduces two main concerns of the poem. 2
  2. Look at lines 1—22. By referring to at least two examples, analyse how the poet uses language to create a vivid impression of the mother. 4
  3. Look at lines 4—5. Explain what the poet means by the parenthesis “(This is too ordinary to be nostalgia.)”                                     2
  4. Look at lines 23—32. By referring to at least one example, analyse how these lines convey the idea of a shift in time. 2
  5. By referring to this and at least one other poem, discuss how Lochhead develops the theme of the complexities of love in her poetry. 10

10 Mark Question

This follows a very similar pattern to the 8 mark question from last year.

  • 2 Marks – common theme/similarity/contrast, with an explanation of how this is explored in each poem.
  • 2 marks – quote and analyse the poem in front of you, linking back to the common theme/similarity/contrast.
  • 6 marks – quote and analyse ANOTHER POEM, linking back to the common theme/similarity/contrast x 3.

Make sure you have a note of this somewhere safe.


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