Talk Assessment

A reminder that solo talks will begin on Monday 2nd November – it’s name out a hat, and anyone who comes unprepared will IMMEDIATELY receive a letter home.

Also, ensure your talk is adequately detailed – I will not pass anything that comes in under five minutes.

Guidance notes are below:

Talking assessment – pupil sheet

Critical Essay Feedback

Make sure you record this on your Higher Feedback sheets and your PLPs:

General Feedback
Based on your critical essays on ‘My Rival’s House’ and ‘View of Scotland/Love Poem’

  • Introductions and conclusions are important – leave an impression. Show off. Summarise your points. Be sophisticated.
  • PEE Structure – topic sentences.
  • Analysis – don’t make generalisations. Be specific. What are the connotations of the language, and what is the writer using them to try and say.
  • Be clear about the point your essay is trying to make.
  • Refer to the question throughout.
  • Technical accuracy is not optional – spelling, punctuation, phrasing, etc. are essential. Ignore these & your essay will fail automatically.
  • Self-editing – correct as you go. The marker won’t.
  • Refer to the writer by their surname after the introduction.
  • Formal language – no abbreviations (didn’t, wouldn’t), no figures of speech (this drums in).
  • Evaluative language – this is effective because; Lochhead successfully uses, etc.

The Kite Runner Homework

Afternoon dears,

Just a reminder of the homework you need complete over the holidays, due MONDAY 26TH OCTOBER:

  • Read up to Chapter 17 (page 198)
  • Complete your chapter questions for Chapters 7-16
  • Complete the hand-out on Chapter 9
  • Plan and write the critical essay below, using the feedback given in class and the next post to improve your work.

Choose from a novel or short story an incident in which a character makes a decision which you consider unexpected or unwise or unworthy.

Explain the circumstances surrounding the decision and discuss its importance to your understanding of character and them in the text as a whole.