The Kite Runner Catch Up

If you’re out today at S6 Health Day,etc., can you ensure that for next week you read up to the end of Chapter 21 and complete the relevant questions?


Talk Assessment

A reminder that solo talks will begin on Monday 2nd November – it’s name out a hat, and anyone who comes unprepared will IMMEDIATELY receive a letter home.

Also, ensure your talk is adequately detailed – I will not pass anything that comes in under five minutes.

Guidance notes are below:

Talking assessment – pupil sheet

Critical Essay Feedback

Make sure you record this on your Higher Feedback sheets and your PLPs:

General Feedback
Based on your critical essays on ‘My Rival’s House’ and ‘View of Scotland/Love Poem’

  • Introductions and conclusions are important – leave an impression. Show off. Summarise your points. Be sophisticated.
  • PEE Structure – topic sentences.
  • Analysis – don’t make generalisations. Be specific. What are the connotations of the language, and what is the writer using them to try and say.
  • Be clear about the point your essay is trying to make.
  • Refer to the question throughout.
  • Technical accuracy is not optional – spelling, punctuation, phrasing, etc. are essential. Ignore these & your essay will fail automatically.
  • Self-editing – correct as you go. The marker won’t.
  • Refer to the writer by their surname after the introduction.
  • Formal language – no abbreviations (didn’t, wouldn’t), no figures of speech (this drums in).
  • Evaluative language – this is effective because; Lochhead successfully uses, etc.

The Kite Runner Homework

Afternoon dears,

Just a reminder of the homework you need complete over the holidays, due MONDAY 26TH OCTOBER:

  • Read up to Chapter 17 (page 198)
  • Complete your chapter questions for Chapters 7-16
  • Complete the hand-out on Chapter 9
  • Plan and write the critical essay below, using the feedback given in class and the next post to improve your work.

Choose from a novel or short story an incident in which a character makes a decision which you consider unexpected or unwise or unworthy.

Explain the circumstances surrounding the decision and discuss its importance to your understanding of character and them in the text as a whole.