Jekyll and Hyde Audio-book

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As discussed in class, make sure you finish re-reading Jekyll and Hyde this week – below is a link to the audio-book. We have reached up to 1:38:32.

Jekyll and Hyde Audio-book


Jekyll and Hyde/Skyfall – Revision

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Here’s a bunch of things to help with Jekyll and Hyde/Skyfall revision over the holidays.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Mr Utterson meets Mr Hyde – characterisation 10 marker

setting10 Mark Question


Example Paper Jekyll’s Transformation

Social and Historical Context

Analysis Social Historical Context


Dr Jekyll was quite at ease

Mr Utterson meets Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Man is not truly one

Setting 10 mark answer

Questions on the novel

Setting 10 mark question


Jeyll and Hyde Quotations Table

Jekyll and Hyde – Essay Skills


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Allegory


Skyfall Representation of Gender

Skyfall Scene by Scene


Jekyll and Hyde – Presentations

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To help with you presentations that should be ready for Tuesday 18th September, here’s the PowerPoints we’ve been using in class – if you’ve been off ensure you catch up on the notes you’ve missed.

Also, the questions on the novel should be completed by Tuesday, as well.

Any questions or concerns, let me know.



Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Allegory

Questions on the novel

Jekyll and Hyde – Critical Essay

An example paragraph to assist with your own planning – do not use this in your essays; you should write in your own words.

Point (topic sentence): In our first meeting with Mr Hyde, Stevenson immediately explores the theme of addiction through his portrayal of Hyde’s desperate need for isolation.
Evidence (quotation): At Mr Utterson’s first encounter with Hyde, it is clear he is anxious to remain in solitude.
“Mr Hyde shrank back with a hissing intake of breath.”
Evaluation (analysis): Stevenson’s description of Hyde and how he “shrank back” suggests that Hyde fears discovery, through its connotations of secrecy and hiding. His use of onomatopoeia in “hissing” explores this further, inferring that he is hissing in pain – as though the thought of discovery is physically painful for him. It is apparent that Hyde does not want to be discovered, especially by Utterson. This first meeting with Hyde effectively emphasises the themes of secrecy and discovery that run throughout the novel, as well as heavily implies classic behaviours of addiction in Hyde’s need to remain hidden. The painful reaction he has to discovery highlights the mysterious nature of his character, and cleverly foreshadows the pain and destruction that this addiction will soon bring about.

Jekyll and Hyde – Critical Essay 1

Here’s the essay question, along with the critical essay structure. Have a look over this and try to think of how you will structure and plan your essay.

Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde is a novella mostly concerned with addiction. How is addiction explored in the text and to what extent do you agree with the previous statement?

PEE Essay Structure

In every paragraph, remember to PEE.

P is for Point: The Point is simply what each paragraph is about- you make a main point in every paragraph you write. This is usually the TOPIC SENTENCE you use.

E is for Evidence: The Evidence is the quotation or description of the scene, shot or technique you are using to back up your point.

E is also for Evaluation: This is the chance for you to explain how the quotation backs up the point you are making, i.e. the 3 steps of analysis. You then need to evaluate it – comment on how successful it is.