Skyfall Timed Essay

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The plan we have written together for Skyfall timed essay is in this PowerPoint below, on pages 74 and 75.

Please revise this for an essay under full exam conditions on Monday morning,




Jekyll and Hyde/Skyfall – Revision

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Here’s a bunch of things to help with Jekyll and Hyde/Skyfall revision over the holidays.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Mr Utterson meets Mr Hyde – characterisation 10 marker

setting10 Mark Question


Example Paper Jekyll’s Transformation

Social and Historical Context

Analysis Social Historical Context


Dr Jekyll was quite at ease

Mr Utterson meets Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Man is not truly one

Setting 10 mark answer

Questions on the novel

Setting 10 mark question


Jeyll and Hyde Quotations Table

Jekyll and Hyde – Essay Skills


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Allegory


Skyfall Representation of Gender

Skyfall Scene by Scene