Creative Folio Piece

Reminder that the first draft of your creative folio piece is due in on Friday 8th February.


Discursive Folio Piece – Draft 3

Hello folks, a reminder that this is due on Thursday 1st November. If you’re a draft behind – as a few of you are – get your second draft in after the hols, and I’ll mark them quickly so you’re able to redraft and catch up with everyone else for the 1st.

Have lovely break!

Folio Deadline

Folks, a reminder that your discursive pieces should be handed in to me on Friday 17th March.

  • I require both a printed and digital copy.
  • DO NOT staple the printed copy together.
  • It should be in the folio template available on the SQA website
  • It should include your Scottish Candidate number, sources and word count.

Discursive Essay Draft 2

Morning folks,

I will be giving out your discursive essays on Friday when I see you, and your next draft is due in on Friday 16th December. This is not negotiable, and I will not accept any late submissions.

Overall feedback from those I have marked so far is as such:

  • Technical accuracy needs a lot of work – this is not optional. You have even less excuse when this is typed up, and I’m seeing a lot of very basic errors, which suggest that people have not checked their work before handing it in. You are in a Higher class. Please take responsibility for the quality of work you submit.
  • Overall arguments must be clear throughout the essay – for some, I am unsure what you are trying to persuade me of. Be clear.
  • Use of PEE structure – ensure you provide evidence to support your individual points, and evaluate how that evidence supports your overall argument. You can;t just list some statistics and hope for the best.

I have included the handouts you were given previously – please use these when redrafting. Below is also a link to an example essay and commentary on the SQA Understanding Standards website, which scored 13 out of 15. Refer to this when you are writing.