RUAE Last Question Homework

Right folks, for Wednesday next week, you should complete the last question in the 2015 RUAE paper, available at the link here.



Close Reading Revision Websites

Below is a list of sites which publish high quality journalism – the type that is used for the close reading/RUAE exam. Try to get into the habit of reading an article or two a day, to familiarise yourself with the style of language, and broaden your understanding and vocabulary.

Homework Reminders

Hi folks,

Hope you’re all having a good break. Just a reminder of Ho rework you should be completing:

  • Persuasive essay draft 1 – due Wednesday 26th October
  • Close reading assessment – begins Wednesday 26th October (PLEASE revise your formulae and read quality journalism to prepare – links to help will be in a following post)
  • Close reading homework – due Wednesday 26th October (this will help prepare you for the assessment so don’t ignore it in favour of other things)
  • Talk assessments on your dream trip – begin Wednesday 2nd November (this is names out a hat, so EVERYONE must come prepared)


Homework – Persuasive Techniques/Close Reading

Hello folks,

This homework is due on Wednesday 24th August.

  • Read the article ‘Libraries: Cathedral’s of Our Souls’.
  • Find and quote AT LEAST TEN examples of the persuasive techniques the writer has used.
  • Now, using your Close Reading formulae, ANALYSE the writer’s use of language for these techniques.

E.g. The use of emotive language in “hospitals of the soul”.

  • Metaphor
  • What the image suggests: Just as a hospital is somewhere where people are cared for and helped…
  • What the writer is using it to tell us: … so too do libraries help improve our emotional wellbeing, providing us with somewhere safe, where we can improve our state of mind and understanding of ourselves.

RUAE Materials

Below is your Higher RUAE Homework booklet that Mrs King has been working on with you, as various other bits and bobs on how to answer the questions.


H Reading

Close Reading for Higher English

Higher Close Reading – Imagery

Marking Guidelines for Last Question

Summarising – the last questions

FormulaIn your own words ppt


Word choice, Imagery, Language ppt

RUAE Formulae