Jekyll and Hyde – Critical Essay 1

Here’s the essay question, along with the critical essay structure. Have a look over this and try to think of how you will structure and plan your essay.

Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde is a novella mostly concerned with addiction. How is addiction explored in the text and to what extent do you agree with the previous statement?

PEE Essay Structure

In every paragraph, remember to PEE.

P is for Point: The Point is simply what each paragraph is about- you make a main point in every paragraph you write. This is usually the TOPIC SENTENCE you use.

E is for Evidence: The Evidence is the quotation or description of the scene, shot or technique you are using to back up your point.

E is also for Evaluation: This is the chance for you to explain how the quotation backs up the point you are making, i.e. the 3 steps of analysis. You then need to evaluate it – comment on how successful it is.


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