Jekyll and Hyde – Critical Essay

An example paragraph to assist with your own planning – do not use this in your essays; you should write in your own words.

Point (topic sentence): In our first meeting with Mr Hyde, Stevenson immediately explores the theme of addiction through his portrayal of Hyde’s desperate need for isolation.
Evidence (quotation): At Mr Utterson’s first encounter with Hyde, it is clear he is anxious to remain in solitude.
“Mr Hyde shrank back with a hissing intake of breath.”
Evaluation (analysis): Stevenson’s description of Hyde and how he “shrank back” suggests that Hyde fears discovery, through its connotations of secrecy and hiding. His use of onomatopoeia in “hissing” explores this further, inferring that he is hissing in pain – as though the thought of discovery is physically painful for him. It is apparent that Hyde does not want to be discovered, especially by Utterson. This first meeting with Hyde effectively emphasises the themes of secrecy and discovery that run throughout the novel, as well as heavily implies classic behaviours of addiction in Hyde’s need to remain hidden. The painful reaction he has to discovery highlights the mysterious nature of his character, and cleverly foreshadows the pain and destruction that this addiction will soon bring about.


One thought on “Jekyll and Hyde – Critical Essay

  1. This website is BRILLIANT! I’m not being all showy-offy but I’m pretty good at writing, but these ways of structuring writing, clear points, brilliant explanations and examples! I’m studdying Jekyll and Hyde at the moment, very helpful thank you! Added to favourites 😉

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