The Great Gatsby – Critical Essay 1

Here’s the essay question we voted on in class, along with the critical essay structure. Have a look over this and try to think of how you will structure and plan your essay.

Choose a novel or a short story where there is an incident which is a turning point crucial to the fate of the main character.
Briefly describe what happens at this point and go on to explain why this is crucial to the fate of a main character.

PEE Essay Structure

In every paragraph, remember to PEE.

P is for Point: The Point is simply what each paragraph is about- you make a main point in every paragraph you write. This is usually the TOPIC SENTENCE you use.

E is for Evidence: The Evidence is the quotation or description of the scene, shot or technique you are using to back up your point.

E is also for Evaluation: This is the chance for you to explain how the quotation backs up the point you are making, i.e. the 3 steps of analysis. You then need to evaluate it – comment on how successful it is.


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