The Kite Runner Homework

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For Wednesday 7th November 2017, please complete the questions below on Chapter 7, and read Chapters 8 and 9.

Chapter 7

1.The sky is described as ‘a blameless blue’ (p.53) (p.57).  What significance does this take on later in the chapter?

2.Hassan tells Amir ‘”You won, Amir agha! You won!”’ What does Amir reply and why is this unexpected?

3.Why does Hosseini break the chapter with the description of a memory and a dream?

4.What is it called when two contrasting things are put together to encourage the reader to think?  How is the technique used in this chapter?

5.How do Wali and Kamal react to the rape?  Why is what Wali says important to our understanding of Assef?

6.Why is the description of the Eid sacrifice included here?

7.How much do you blame the ‘hero’ of this chapter for the way he acts when his friend is raped?  Are there any mitigating factors?


The Kite Runner – Context Research

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Please have this completed by Wednesday 23rd August. Prompt questions are below:


  • Where is Afghanistan?
  • What is the population of Afghanistan?
  • What are the official languages of Afghanistan?


  • Examine and report on the general history of Afghanistan. Then specifically focus on the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Ethnic groups and religious diversity:

  • How many major ethnic groups are there in Afghanistan?
  • What are the dominant religious groups? What are the key differences between them?
  • What sect do the majority of Muslims belong to in Afghanistan? Has this created any differences between groups?
  • Why are the Pashtuns so influential in Afghanistan?


  • You need to research the troubled history of Afghanistan focusing on the novel’s time setting and influences in the novel (1970s to the year 2002 including the Soviet invasion and the Taliban seizing control).
  • What conflicts have the people of Afghanistan faced since the 1970s?
  • Explain what happened in Kabul in the early 1990s, before the Taliban took control, and how this affected the population.


Skyfall Updated PowerPoint and Critical Essay Feedback

Timed Essay Feedback

Some general feedback on timed essay for climactic scene (individual feedback will be handed in to Mrs King tomorrow:

Overall Strengths

  • Some good analysis in these pieces, giving connotations and what they are used to highlight to the audience.
  • It’s clear you understand the film well, and provide clear knowledge of the characters, plot and techniques used.
  • You are able to comment on how Mendes uses film techniques to convey meaning.

Overall Areas for Development

  • Make sure your introduction refers to the question and the techniques you will discuss.
  • Refer to the question throughout.
  • Stick to ONE technique and example thereof in each paragraph.
  • Work on completing the essay in the allocated time – you should be practising at home.
  • Phrasing can sometimes be confusing – check your work carefully, and read over each paragraph under your breath as you finish them.
  • Use present tense when writing a critical essay, e.g. “Mendes uses…”
  • Always be specific – don’t just say “This shows us about Bond’s past.” WHAT about his past? Tell us!



Skyfall Notes

Hi folks,

Below is a document, which goes through the full film, including detailed notes for analysis – read over it to add to your own notes and understanding of the film.

Skyfall Scene by Scene

I’ve also included the updated PowerPoint we have worked on together, for both the full film and the questions on gender roles.

Skyfall Representation of Gender