The Kite Runner – Presentations

Hi folks,

Here’s some of the PowerPoints/notes from the presentations delivered last month to help with your revision – if you haven’t given me a copy of the PowerPoint, if you used one, please email it over ASAP:IMG_9739IMG_9740IMG_9741IMG_9742IMG_9743IMG_9744IMG_9745IMG_9746IMG_9747IMG_9748IMG_9749IMG_9750IMG_9751IMG_9752IMG_9753IMG_9754IMG_9755IMG_9758IMG_9759IMG_9760

Assef character nicole and fraser

chapters 14 -25 Ewan and Sam

Class Presentation Jack and Kaitlyn

Narration Christie and Andrew D





The Kite Runner Essay Planning


Complete for Wednesday 8th November.

Create detailed essay plans for the following questions.

For each essay, aim for introduction, five paragraphs and a conclusion. For each paragraph, include:

  • Quote
  • Where it comes in the novel – what is happening (briefly)
  • Technique used and what the quote suggests to us.
  • What the writer uses that to tell us – link to the question.


  1. Choose a novel or short story in which the method of narration is important.

Outline briefly the writer’s method of narration and explain why you feel this method makes such a major contribution to your understanding of the text as a whole.

2. Choose a novel or short story which deals with the complexities or breakdown of a relationship.

Briefly explain the circumstances surrounding the complexities or breakdown and discuss how the characters’ feelings and/or reactions enhance your appreciation of the text as a whole.

3. Choose a novel or short story which has a satisfying ending.

Discuss to what extent the ending provides a successful conclusion to the text as a whole.

4. Choose a novel or short story in which symbolism is a significant feature.

Discuss how the writer’s use of this feature enhances your understanding of character and/or theme in the text as a whole.

The Kite Runner Critical Essay

Hi folks,

The critical essay on the question below is due in Wednesday 25th October 2017.

Choose a novel or short story in which there is a moment of significance for one of the characters.

Explain briefly what the significant moment is and discuss, with reference to appropriate techniques, its significance to the text as a whole.

Here is the PowerPoint we’ve been using in class – I’ve also included a section towards the end on essay writing, with examples, mini exercises, etc. It would be advisable to look at this as you are writing the essay.

Kite Runner Unit

The Kite Runner – Presentations

On Wednesday 4th October YOU are going to be the teacher.

You are going to work in pairs and you need to prepare a
presentation (approx 3 – 5 minutes) to teach the rest of the class about your particular area of analysis.

You can do this on PowerPoint or you can prepare it on paper and we show this on the visualiser or you can prepare it on flip chart paper.  You might want to prepare handouts.

It’s up to you!

But remember – your classmates are DEPENDING on you.


1.The key themes of the novel: Father/Son relationships, guilt, betrayal, forgiveness & redemption Jenna O and Aidan

2.The characterisation of Amir – Joshua and Taelor

3.The characterisation of Hassan – Iain, Campbell and Leighona

4.The characterisation of AssefFraser and Nicole

5.The characterisation of Baba and Rahim Khan – Jenna B and Craig

6.An exploration of the setting: where / when – Sunny and Jack O

7.The motifs / symbols of the novel – Kaitlyn and Jack B

8.Use of imagery throughout the novel – Josh and Dylan

9.Narration – narrative voice, unreliable narrators, reader’s relationship with narrator – Christie and Andrew D

10.2 key moments from Chapters 1 –13 – John, Andrew C, Olivia

11.2 key moments from Chapters 14 – 25 – Sam and Ewan