Liz Lochhead

Hello cherubs,

Here’s a copy of the questions for ‘Last Supper’ – have these completed by tomorrow, please.

Answer the below questions in detail, using evidence from the poem to back up your answers.

1.What impression of ‘The Girls’ do we derive from the description ‘cackling around the cauldron’?

2.The first nine lines of stanza 3 are an extended metaphor: deploring the lover’s behaviour and his personality is seen as a meal which they can all richly enjoy. Take one item from this meal, then comment on what it might mean and how this meaning is put across.

3.The second half of stanza 3 brings in a new extended metaphor while maintain the food one. This is based on ‘The Twa Corbies’.

a)Make a list of the key words and phrases relating to ‘The Girls’ here.

b)Write a brief commentary on what judgement this metaphor and this word choice lead us to make about them.

c)Briefly note down what effect this judgement has on the overall effect, message or theme of this poem.


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