Final Exam Advice

Okay, so you have a few days left – with any luck, you’ve been revising at home (yes, you actually need to do this) and are feeling quietly confident about your chances. If not, try not to panic – hard work between now and Wednesday can still make a huge difference.

1. Look over work, notes and my feedback – I didn’t write it because I enjoy marking so very much, but it will give you an idea of the areas you need to develop. It’s important.

2. Have a revision timetable and stick to it – put your phone in another room, go to a library or somewhere quiet, switch off the laptop/iPad/XBox. Reward yourself at the end of the day with cake.

3. If you have questions, or want me to look over anything, come see me BEFORE Wednesday. I’m happy to give any last minute advice.

4. You know more than you think you do – remember the PEE structure, your quotes and always bring it back to the wider context, i.e. what the writer is using these techniques to say.

5. Don’t give yourself a nervous breakdown – unlikely for some of you, but seriously, don’t. You’re smart and capable. You will be fine as long as you put in some effort.

I’ll be holding open study sessions lunchtime Monday and Tuesday, so any questions or concerns, come along.

If I don’t see you, good luck. It’s been a pleasure. Well, mostly.


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