Psycho – Exemplar Paragraphs

Choose a sequence from a film which is important both to the atmosphere and to the plot of the film.

By referring to appropriate techniques, show how the atmosphere is created in the sequence and go on to show how the sequence and atmosphere are important to the film as a whole.

Reply to this post with your paragraph – this will create a bank for us to revise from.



6 thoughts on “Psycho – Exemplar Paragraphs

  1. The technique is sound and music from the shower scene sequence and how it creates the atmosphere. Throughout the shower scene there is no dialogue between the characters Marion and Bates so the atmosphere is created by the sound of Marion’s screaming and the music which is only played by strings giving it a high pitched tone. This symbolizes Marion’s fear also the fact that the music gets louder as the scene goes on which shows tension is building. By using the technique of sound and music, it helps show us Marion’s emotions also it makes us understand how scared and terrified she is. This sequence has an impact on the rest of the film after the main characters death. It shows that anyone could die and also more characters are established through Marion’s death.

  2. sophie and steph
    Alford Hitchcock uses camera angles extremely well and effectively in the shower scene in which Marion is killed. He uses interesting angles of the camera to show different images in the shower. We see the shower head as if we are looking down on Marion and this Emphasise Marion washing away her sins it then takes dramatic change as the camera angle changes and then we are then shown the water running around Marion’s dead body as if the water is now washing away her life and evidence. The close up shot of the eye in the plug hole emphasise the last moments of her life, because of the events in this scene it leaves the audience on edge as the leading lady has been killed off 30 minutes into the film, so we are left thinking anything can happen. Who will be next?

  3. During the shower scene, Hitchcock effectively uses ‘Mis-en-scene’. The use of props, positioning and costume emphasises some of the main themes of the film. These main themes cover; vulnerability, power and guilt. Marion is nude during this scene. This creates the atmosphere that she is vulnerable. The murderer, Norman, is a black figure in which ‘black’ has connotations of evil and scary. This effectively demonstrates the character’s evil nature which is highlighted during the murder. This conveys a frightening atmosphere in which the guilty murderer has used their power to kill. This is important to the film as a whole as it suggests anyone could be killed at any one point.

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    Sound is used in one particular scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’, which was the shower scene. Hitchcock uses fast paced music to create an increasingly tense atmosphere for the audience. His use of high pitched, screeching music makes the audience feel uncomfortable. In the scene, the music starts fairly quiet however the closer the murderer gets, the music gets louder which again increases the extremely tense atmosphere. In this scene it is the first time we hear the high pitched violent music. This changes both the pace and the genre of the film as the main character is controversially killed, impacting the rest of the film and ending tension runs throughout

  5. In Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho a technique that is used well is lighting during the shower scene. in the shower scene Hitchcock uses low key lighting to cast dark shadows to create a feeling of unease. this is effective as the scene dark and mysterious theme for the scene. this lighting also hides the identity of the murder adding to the mystery of the scene taking place and creating suspense. the lighting in this scene also symbolises the characters in the scene with the killer being draped in dark shadows showing he is evil and the bright white tiles in which Marion stands in front of showing her as a pure individual that cannot hide from her crimes. also the shadow covering Marion sybolises the sort of taking of Marions life as if her life has been consumed by death.

  6. In Alfred Hitchcock “Psycho” we can notice effective use of camera angles, especially in the shower scene. When the killer first goes to stab Marion the camera is at a low angle looking up at the murderer from within the shower. This shows that the killer is in power and has a higher status than Marion. The Scene cuts at a shot of Marion from high angle as she struggles and screams for her life. This empathises Marion’s fear and how vulnerable she is to the killer. At one point in the scene the camera switches to Marion’s legs (partially) the camera angle is looking from above downwards on her legs. This effectively shows that Marion has lost her dominance and power. This is also clear by her blood dripping down her legs into the drain.

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