Psycho – Exemplar Paragraphs

Here’s the notes from the board today. Please reply to this post with your exemplar paragraph TONIGHT. This will create a bank of pargraphs for revision, which – let’s face it – is nice and handy, and means less work.



4 thoughts on “Psycho – Exemplar Paragraphs

  1. In the parlor scene there are stuffed birds in the background. Baits hobby is Taxidermy and puts his work in the parlor so everyone can see them. Hitchcock successfully uses symbolism as the birds could represent Norman being trapped and controlled by ‘mother’ as the birds are stuffed and can not escape. This could also be a cry for help with him displaying his unusual work in the parlor so someone can eventually realize that Baits needs to get away from his ‘mother’ to finally get some freedom.

    Kayleigh & Kelsey

  2. One of the most significant techniques used in ‘Psycho’ is lighting as it effectively creates tension and conveys the characters emotions and thoughts. During the parlour scene there is some dialogue between Norman and Marion which is partnered with a mixture of high and low key lighting. Hitchcock uses high key lighting on Marion and also the telephone beside her to provide a warm glow around her while also making her seem innocent, this also emphasises the telephone as it is her only hope in contacting the outside world. In contrast to this low key lighting is used mainly on Norman with hints of high key lighting to represent his split personality. This effective use of lighting creates tension between the characters by using contrasting lighting.

  3. Hitchcock effectively uses the symbol of stuffed birds to gradually build up the tension in the parlour scene. We see a point of view close up shot of a swooping owl. The owl appears to be watching over the protagonist, at this point of the film, Marion. This is much like her being being watched by the rich businessman. Moreover, an owl is a bird of prey, making it seem as though Marion is under threat. The dialogue in this scene is also very significant: “You eat like a bird.” This provides a link with the stuffed birds and and also, Marion’s surname ‘Crane’. This clearly shows that Marion is being portrayed as prey.

  4. During the parlour scene in ‘Psycho’ the director Alfred Hitchcock successfully builds tension through adding dramatic music. While Marion and Norman are talking, the conversation turns, becoming heated. To show that tension is building Hitchcock raises the volume of the all string orchestra empathizing Normans rising anger towards Marion, the music becoming more dramatic. This shows the future danger to come. Without this dramatic music there would be less tension created in the parlour scene.

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