Setting – Quotes you need to know

  • Symbolism of the door – page 8/18
  • The embattled city; London as an extended metaphor for the struggle within Jekyll – The Carew Murder Case page 27/52
  • Use of fog as a symbol for mystery and secrecy p27/52-53 – foreshadowing Utterson’s dilemma concerning the letter page 32/61.
  • Pathetic fallacy used, foreshadowing the increasing tension to come later in the novel – page 9/19
  • Jekyll’s laboratory – page 30/58
  • Contrast between Soho and more respectable parts of the city– p 15/29 and p27/53.

HOMEWORK, Due Friday 06/09/2013: Find and copy out each of the above quotes, leaving around half a page blank underneath. We will be analysing these tomorrow.


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