The Great Gatsby – Chapter 7

Well, Chapter 7 of the novel is where everything comes to a head and unravels with breathtaking pace. Tom finds out about Daisy and Gatsby; George knows Myrtle’s been up to something; Gatsby confronts Tom; Tom unveils Gatsby’s real occupation; Myrtle is killed by Daisy’s reckless driving; Tom and Daisy seem to reconcile.

Frankly, the chapter has more going on than a Hollyoaks omnibus, but there’s a sense of inevitability about the whole thing; as though there was never any other way all this secrecy and lies and betrayal could ever turn out.

Key Points
Daisy’s indecision and hesitancy, where we get the sense she probably never planned to leave Tom at all.

Tom’s surprisingly sensitive reaction to Myrtle’s death – did he really love her after all?


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