The Great Gatsby – Lesson 3

So, today we discussed Chapter 1 and what we thought about the characters we met.

Nick Carraway – his father’s advice, to respect people and not look down on others, means that Nick seems to be a decent man, and far less interested in wealth and status than Daisy and Tom.

Daisy Buchanan – a pretty, charming but slightly shallow young woman, who seems to enjoy the wealth and status she and her husband have. There is obvious tension between her and Tom, and she is well aware of his mistress in the city.

Tom Buchanan – Daisy’s imposing and arrogant husband. A former college football star, Tom seems brutish, as well as unfaithful in his marriage to Daisy.

Jordan Baker – Daisy’s long-time friend, she is a professional golfer and seems quite aloof.

Gatsby – we only catch a brief glimpse of him, but we hear about him – a mark of his ‘celebrity’? Gatsby lives in an extravagant house next door to Nick’s modest bungalow, and throws enromous parties at the weekend.


HOMEWORK, DUE Monday 19/08/2013 – Read Chapters 1 and 2, and make notes on:

  • Nick
  • Daisy and Tom
  • Gatsby

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